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Testing System

Inside Appearance

Measurement Equipment

We offer an All-In-One shielded box for essential EMI testings.
The shielded box is suitable for conducted emission testing and radiated emission testing.
It is purposed for R&D of customer's EUT instead of buying expensive shielded rooms or anechoic chambers.


What you can test

Conducted emssions/Radiated emissions/Near field

Shielded Box


Ext. Dimensions: 1250mm(W)x1250mm(D)x2500mm(H)

Int. Dimensions: 1206mm(W)x1206mm(D)x2404mm(H)

Shielded Door

Clear opening: 800mm(W)x1900mm(H)

Floor arrangement

Ground plane

Connector panel


Service outlet

AC100V (Inside and Outside)

Power line filter

For AC outlet inside the room (DC filter available)

Conducted emissions

Frequency Range

9kHz - 30MHz

EUT voltages

Single phase 100V, Three phase 200V

LISN specification

AC LISN acc. CISPR16, 16A to 400A
DC LISN acc. CISPR16, 70A to 400A


High voltage probe

Radiated emissions

Frequency Range

30MHz - 1000MHz


Wide band biconical antenna x 1

RF Path

Wide band preamplifier (Gain=30dB typical)

Near field measurement


Magnetic probe (300kHz - 100MHz)
Electric field probe (20MHz - 1GHz)

RF Path

Wide band preamplifier (Gain=20dB typical)

RF Switch Unit

System Unit

Path switching, Preamplifier, RF filter inside

Measurement Instrument and Software

Measurement Instrument

Spectrum Analyzer


Dedicated measurement software


There are various disturbance RF signals around us; TV, mobile phones, Wireless LAN. In EMC measurement, those disturbance signals are unnecessary since it disturbs the measurements.
We design and offer various types of shielded rooms not only for EMC tests but also for R&D. Optionally, the shielded room can be combined with sound insulation chamber.

Shielded room / External view

Shielded room / Internal view

Compliant EMC test shielded room

Applicable standard

CISPR22 conducted disturbance voltage tests

IEC61000-4-2 ESD (Electrostatic discharge)

IEC61000-4-4 Surge voltage tests

IEC61000-4-5 Fast transient / burst tests

IEC61000-4-6 Conducted immunity tests

IEC61000-4-8 Magnetic field tests

Special shielded room

Purpose of use

EMC test system enclosure (ex. shielded room for power amplifiers)

Sound test system

Server rooms

Welding chamber

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